I can bring any of my workshops or lectures to you!

Whether it's a casual women's night about sex toys and oral sex, to a class on male and female pleasure at a sex shop, to a workshop on consent and dating to college students, or even a multi-day sexuality intensive at a retreat, I can tailor the experience to your needs. The basic length of all workshops and lectures are 60 - 75 minutes long which includes room for questions, but each class can be tailored to your specific needs. 

Fat Sex: Body-Positive Positions to Empower Your Sex Life*

You don’t have to be skinny to have the best sex of your life! Fat Sex is inspired by my book, Curvy Girl Sex: 101 Body-Positive Positions to Empower Your Sex Life.  But, don't be fooled, this class is not just for people with vaginas. In this class, you’ll learn my favorite tips, tricks, and positions for all curvy body types and genders – including using the sex accessories that work best for your body shape and size! Find out which items you might already have at home and how to use them for amazing, enlightened sex, plus get all your fat sex questions answered by a certified expert! So whether you’ve got a little junk in the trunk, are pleasingly plump, or beautifully buxom, this unique workshop will help everyone enjoy toe-curling, curvy sex!  

* Appropriate for anyone with any type of body image issues regardless of size.

Big, Beautiful Sex: Sex & Body Image*

Whether it’s media and advertising images of “perfect” bodies or snarky comments about our weight, fat-shaming is all around us, and it can get in the way of our sexual confidence and pleasure. In this workshop, which combines lecture and discussion, I will talk about attitudes (both external and internal) that can hold us back from great sex and specific challenges we face as plus-sized lovers*. You will learn skills – from communication tools to the best toys, techniques, and positions – to help you embrace your sexuality and have big, beautiful sex.  

* Appropriate for anyone with any type of body image issues regardless of size.

Mutual Masturbation: Give 'Em a Hand!

Someone once said, "Don't knock masturbation, it's sex with someone I love." 

Even if you're satisfied with your solo play, wouldn't it be nice to have new and exciting techniques to try and put a little spark back into your relationship - with you? Statistically speaking, most of us go through life pleasuring ourselves the same way we have since we discovered self-stimulation
But, what if you wanted to try new things, vary it a bit or even do it with a partner? Where do you start? How do you approach it? What toys can you get to enhance your experience?  Look no further. All those questions will be answered and more in this unique and entertaining workshop

Through lecture and (PG) demonstration, you will learn:

• Some steamy, sexy “hands-on” techniques
• How solo and partnered play creates an erotic and satisfying main event relationship
• How toys and accessories can accentuate and enliven your sex life

So, sit back, relax, and take in the new skills and tips that will re-energize your relationship with yourself! (no nudity)  

Lick by Lick, Blow by Blow: Oral Sex for Everyone

Do you love giving head?
Do you relish eating out at the "Y"?
Are you curious about new & inventive ways to pleasure a penis or vulva?

Nowadays, most of us learn our 'blow or mow' techniques from porn, and let's face it, that's just not practical.  In this fun and informal class, we’ll spend some time talking about your biggest penile and pussy pet peeves and how to solve them. You’ll be shown some basic pleasure-focused anatomy, given easy tips to make oral sex enjoyable for of you, and maybe a couple of tricks or two to render your partner speechless. I'll be your oral sex sherpa, with suggestions on how you can enjoy and perhaps even look forward to oral sex. In this class, you’ll re-learn what you’ve picked up along the way, gain some additional skills, and leave with a renewed interest and a better understanding for pleasing your partner's pussy or penis.

Blow 'em Away: Fearless Fellatio

Do you marvel at other people who love giving head? 
Does your partner expect you to perform like a porn star?
Would you describe yourself as a "blow-job-a-phobic?" 
Do you avoiding sucking it off, and then count the minutes until it's over?
Do you wish you had a great friend to show you how to pleasure a penis AND possibly enjoy it?

Let me make you laugh and put your mind at ease, while we spend some time talking about your biggest penile pet peeves and how to solve them. I'll introduce you to a different way of thinking about the blow-job that might even make the most fearful fellatio-phobes look forward to it. During this conversational class, which includes Q&A, I’ll encourage you to reframe how you think about giving head, and re-acquire cock-sucking skills with a new appreciation for why oral sex can be so satisfying for both the receiver AND the giver. I'll cover some simple pleasure-focused anatomy, pass on seductive steps for sucking him off sensually and send you off with streamlined techniques that will render him speechless.  (no nudity)  

Sex Myth Busting: Shattering Sexual Tall Tales

Ever listened to someone else tell you their bedroom stories, and thought to yourself “Is that for real?” or “How is that even possible?” In this workshop, I'll dish out the truth, debunk the myths, and spell out how to make the impossible actually achievable and fun! I’ll tell you what’s real, what’s not, how to enjoy things you never thought you could, and why it’s okay if things just aren’t realistic for you (hint: the phrase “cup of tea” will be used). This interactive workshop will include plenty of time for questions and the option to ask them anonymously.

SEX TOYS 101: Butt Plugs, Vibrators, and Dildos, Oh My! 

Want to upgrade from your bullet vibe but are overwhelmed with all the choices? Like the idea of a dildo, but confused with where to start? The thought of a butt plug tantalizes you, but too shy to investigate?  In this light and entertaining, demo driven class, join me, Elle Chase, a sex educator & sex toy expert as I guide you down the yellow brick road of pleasure products. I'll cover and explain:

• The ins and outs of what toys are great for a variety of different play
• Why toys made with body-safe materials are worth the price
• What kind of toys the future will bring
• Products for penises, vulvas, and vaginas
• How to tell if a toy is worth the price & why sometimes you get what you pay for
• How some items you may have in your own home can become sex toys
• The "dos and don'ts" of toy safety and proper care
• Demos of the latest and greatest toys on the market and which are worth your attention
• The five items that couples should always have in their nightstand.

The Art of Touch: Restoring Intimate Connection

In a rut with your partner? Need to shake things up? Feel like sex has become rote or unconnected?

Perhaps the kids have gone off to college, your life has been affected by illness,  major life events, or a demanding job? All of these reasons and more can impact your ability to remain present during sex. Whether you’ve just re-entered the dating world or want another tool to strengthen the closeness in your relationship, this class is for you.

Through lecture and (PG) demonstration, you will learn:

• "Hands-on” techniques that will curl your partner's toes
• Simple and painless communication skills
• The 3 most effective ways to create instant intimacy
• How non-penetrative sex can satiate even the most amped up lover
• How toys and accessories can revitalize a stalled or rote sex life
• How to gain a better understanding of your dynamic, sensual baseline

This class will encourage you to discover and explore new areas of your sexual appetite, safely while working at your most comfortable pace. Whatever your sexual identity or gender preference, new lovers, experienced lovers and novices alike, will learn a new (or improved) trick or two to add to their sexual repertoire.   (no nudity)  

Intimate Massage for Building Heat and Connection

For anyone who’s heard about the Kama Sutra, the ancient eastern art of love-making, and has been daunted by the complexities of this practice. you might want to consider trying your hand at intimate massage. The art of intimate massage is about sensuality, eroticism and the ability to give and receive pleasure without the expectation of reciprocation. The goal of this ancient, tantric practice, is not to bring your partner to orgasm, but rather to let them relax, be in the moment and be the receiver of pleasure. For the giver, the goal is to become more in tune with your partner's responses to touch and their manifestations of excitement.  

This specific erotic exercise is perfect for strengthening the intimacy between familiar lovers or building intimacy between new ones. However, intimate massage can also be a sexy and scintillating new way to begin or end a special occasion or just pick up a couple of tips to add a unique, relaxing and steam experience to your sexual repertoire. (no nudity)

Embodied Consent: Interpreting Our Inner Signals By Listening to Our Bodies

One's sense of their own self-worth is often deeply linked to our sense of sexual appeal to others. Throughout our lives we are incessantly bombarded by unattainable images of acceptable desirability and beauty -- one survey conservatively estimates 300,000 every year. These images are accompanied by the message, that if we transform into the accepted ideal, we’ll finally be worthy of success,  good fortune, and love. Poor self-worth has the power to dramatically reduce our perception of sexual desirability and self-esteem which often leads to deep, embedded personal shame. This shame can have a dramatic effect on the ways and reasons we consent to sexual activities. Breaking that pattern and creating self-acceptance can dramatically improve our ability to communicate, embody the consent we want to give, abolish the urge to consent when we don’t and forge new pathways for our own sexual expressions, pleasure, and freedom.  


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