Both have the “pleasure air technology”, but which one is best?


This past July I attended ANME Founders (the Adult Novelty Manufacturer’s Expo) that are held twice a year in Burbank, CA. I look forward to going each year because this is the time I can take a peek at the new and exciting offerings that the sex toy industry will be selling in the coming year. This July, I saw lots of toys that excited me such as Blush Novelties Avant and Aria lines and the Sliquid Soak bubble bath. But, what really got me fired up is Womanizer’s two new clitoral stimulators.

I’ve been a fan of the Womanizer since they arrived on the market a few years ago. They revolutionized an industry stalwart (the clitoral vibe) that had needed something more than just vibration to get clits off, for quite a long time. Womanizer’s “Pleasure Air Technology” did just that, creating a device that encases the glans of the clitoris in a silicone turtleneck of sorts while the device blows soft, rapid puffs of air at the clit. For people who like clitoral stimulation, it was a game changer. The unique feeling the Womanizer provided coupled with the silicone housing that hardly needed to touch the clit to work immediately caught on. Some vulva owners that orgasmed with the Womanizer claimed it made them come faster than any other method. Others claimed that it not only allowed them to climax multiple times but that it didn’t leave them desensitized right after using it like some vibes that are designed to be intense and powerful can. It goes without saying that the Womanizer had delivered a new experience and people with clits were all over it.

How the Womanizer works

Womanizer’s “Pleasure Air Technology” creates a device that encases the  glans of the clitoris  in a silicone turtleneck of sorts while the device blows soft, rapid puffs of air at the clit.

Womanizer’s “Pleasure Air Technology” creates a device that encases the glans of the clitoris in a silicone turtleneck of sorts while the device blows soft, rapid puffs of air at the clit.

So naturally in July, when I saw that Womanizer had come out with two new models I was curious. How could they improve on an already beloved toy without over designing it with bells and whistles we don’t need and just get in the way? Well, they did it. They redesigned the older model of the Womanizer and renamed it “The Womanizer Classic” and added some new technology to that same design and called it “The Womanizer Premium.” 

Though The Classic seems to be the new mid-range level, it does have 4 fewer intensity levels going from 12 on the “Pro” version to 8 on the Classic. However, I didn’t find that I minded. Eight levels were plenty as I usually ended up at 6 or 7 anyway. The new Classic is still waterproof and has about 4 hours of usage to a charge. The latest features on this new model seem to be a, slightly larger and more oval silicone nozzle (still easy to remove and wash, comes with a replacement and larger/smaller sizes are available for purchase), magnetic/USB charging cable and a redesign of the outside of the toy itself. The older Pro version was wide, stout and a little flashy without a pronounced handle, where the new Classic is a solid color and longer, giving the user more of an area to grip so that maneuvering the head of the device is easier. The operation buttons on the Classic are flush, as opposed to the Pro which has raised buttons making it easy to hit while in use. All in all, the Classic is a welcome updated change to the Womanizer I had first tried, years ago.

Screen Shot 2019-08-30 at 7.22.31 AM.png

Now, the Premium version is where it’s at, with a couple of new features you’re going to love. The Premium has the same redesigned shape and recessed buttons, and though it is ever so slightly bigger than the Classic, it’s barely noticeable. The Premium also has soft silicone skin as opposed to the Classic which seems to be plastic. It’s a little thing, but something that gives the Premium more of a luxurious feel. The Premium also comes with 12 intensity settings (same as the original Pro) and both the Classic and the

Premium has that redesigned larger, oval, silicone nozzle that surrounds the clit. If you like patterns, the Premium comes with a button called “Autopilot” that will provide that for you – as Womanizer puts it, “Once the autopilot is activated, stimulation and intensity vary randomly within the selected mode.” Neat!

But my favorite new feature is “Smart Silence.”  As Womanizer puts it, “Smart Silence senses your desire. The Womanizer Premium only starts when it is almost touching the surface of your skin.” What does that mean? It’s an intuitive device. When the nozzle is not in contact with skin it all functions are paused and the device stops, and when it touches the skin again, the Womanizer Premium turns on and resumes. The Womanizer Premium is already pretty quiet so the name of this feature is a little deceiving, but what I found it useful for is prolonging arousal until you are absolutely ready to come. In the sexuality world, we call this “edging.” Get right to the edge of coming and then lift the nozzle off the clit until you’re ready to start stimulating again. Repeat as desired. This is also a great feature if you are using it with a partner. Get your clit aroused during foreplay, and when/if you’re ready for some penetrative sex just plop the Womanizer Premium down next to you without having to fumble with buttons to turn it off. For this alone, I love this feature!

All in all, both new Womanizers are a great addition to your collection or even a terrific choice for a first toy (if you know you like clitoral stimulation). However, I would pay a few extra bucks for the Premium. The Auto-pilot and Smart Silence features are fun to play with and the smooth silicone skin feels delicious in your hand. Thank you to Peepshow Toys* for sending me both Womanizers* to try and compare. They’ve introduced my new favorite, go-to toy

*I received the Mimic+Pus Vibrator from Peepshow Toys in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are 100% my own and I stand by each and every one.