Whether it’s a pre-wedding party, a girl’s night, a dinner party, a dating event, or any fun occasion - an entertaining instructional and informational workshop is always a unique addition and a light-hearted ice-breaker and activity.



LAASE is currently working on bringing some of its most popular topics to the privacy of your own home … via the internet of course.
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We have a great deal of experience on college campuses around the country, shedding light on topics not usually covered by current curricula. We educate on consent, dating, relationships, safer-sex and all within a pleasure inclusive framework. Students leave our talks inspired and excited to apply and share their new-found knowledge.


  • Media Literacy: Body Image, Sex and Why We Hate Ourselves

  • Fat Sex: Body-Positive Positions to Empower Your Sex Life

  • Big Beautiful Sex: Sex and Body Image

  • Online Dating with Dignity

  • Communication Skills

  • Safer Sex, Consent and Dating

  • Being Sex Positive: What it Means + How It Affects Your Life and the World

  • Prostate Massage for Beginners

  • Anal Sex Basics

  • Sex Ed for Straight Men

  • Erogenous Zones: The Portals of Pleasure

  • Hot Monogamy

  • How to Please a Pussy

  • Safer Sex: Lube, Condoms and Dental Dams for Casual Daters

  • Am I Normal? Dispelling Common Sexual Health & Pleasure Myths

  • Do Not Disturb: Hot Hotel Sex

  • Enthusiastic Embodied Consent: Getting In Touch with Your Inner “Yes”

  • The New Sexual Self: Curating Your Own Sexual Journey

  • Sexual Communication for Great Sex

  • Sex Ed for Dummies: Learn What You Think You Already Know

  • Lingam (Penis) & Yoni (Vulva) Massage for Deeper Intimacy

  • Happy as a Clam: Vulva and Vagina Health & Pleasure

  • Smut For Smarties: Using Porn and Erotica to Enhance Your Sex Life

  • Sex in the Empty Nest: Rebuilding Intimacy with Your Partner After 40

  • Dating and Casual Sex After the Empty Nest

  • Your Sex Life on Pause ... Menopause That Is