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Elle Chase has done it! She cracked the code on how to teach women to cultivate sexual confidence and learn to accept their bodies no matter what their size or shape. Elle truly practices what she preaches, having gone through her own journey she’ll guide you with her unique style of humor, compassion, wisdom and solid advice. Elle has helped thousands of women break free from the paralyzing challenges that hold them back from having the sex life they truly deserve.

We had the pleasure of hosting Lady Cheeky’s Big Beautiful Sex workshop at Pleasure Chest LA. The class was well attended and received great reviews! Her approach is accessible, entertaining and unique. Not only is she an amazing educator but the process of working with her before and after the workshop was professional and easy.
— kristen tribby, Director of Creative Development and Strategy | pleasure chest stores
With equal parts warmth and wisdom, Elle Chase gives you bold permission to feel big desires while equipping you with effective strategies for life’s complicated realities. Elle Chase is both a visionary tastemaker and a trusted friend on the path of body acceptance and erotic discovery.
Elle Chase has risen up to become one of the most proficient sex educators today. Online, she has helped pioneer conversation around smut, body image and sex after 40 and you won’t find a more honest and authentic type of educator, one who can speak from the heart and the brain.
— Jamye Waxman,  Sex Therapist , Author |  Getting Off: A Woman's Guide to Masturbation
Few sex educators possess the ideal combination of humor, compassion, curiosity, insight, and a desire to encourage meaningful exploration and introspection as much as Elle Chase does. Elle is the real deal.
— Francisco Ramirez, MPH | SEX EDUCATOR + CONSULTANT
I think wistfully about my work with Elle and regret we didn’t get to work together more! Elle is the consummate professional and a pleasure to work with. Not only is her writing strong and delivered on time, but she is one of the more empathetic writers I know, with a strong understanding of her audience. Elle is also responsive to critique and was always looking for ways to improve. She strove for the highest quality from beginning to end of the project—and beyond, when necessary. I can highly recommend Elle as a writer.

Elle Chase is at the forefront of the vibrant body-positive movement, and she talks about sexuality with no holds barred. We get to benefit from her bracing honesty about her own journey to self-acceptance. Forget fluffy, empty platitudes, her presentations are packed with practical tools and strategies, delivered with her signature wit. People of all sizes and backgrounds can learn from Elle's smart, inclusive, shame-free advice on everything from self-love to plus size sex. Her real world approach to embracing pleasure at any size is what we've all been waiting for!

Elle is talking about things no one else is and in doing so opening up the conversation to make room for everyone! Her experience and compassion make her able to create the safe spaces students need to learn and explore things they previously thought were out of their reach.
— JoEllen Notte, Educator , Writer, Researcher
Elle Chase is a warm, friendly and approachable sex educator. She is able to weave humor into the information she provides, and she has developed a kind of ‘professional goofiness’ that acts as a sex ed superpower, giving attendees a chance to laugh, take a breath, and feel genuinely comfortable in the room as they learn and discuss important and sensitive subject matter. I’ve worked with Elle professionally for more than 5 years and she is always one of the first sex educators I call when planning a public event or professional training.
— Anne Hodder-Shipp, ACS, sex and relationships educator, founder of Everyone Deserves Sex Ed
I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Elle several times for my podcast and conference. She is funny, knowledgeable, and real. Elle has an extraordinary ability to make an audience feel at ease through her vulnerability, and to balance that truth skillfully with threads of learning and inquiry. I highly recommend hiring Elle as a speaker - edutainment at its finest!
— Dawn Serra, Sex & Relationship Coach, Creator of the Explore More Summit
Elle is one of the most delightful, interesting people I know. She’s intelligent, witty and lusty, the best thing about all of that is how willing she is to share of herself with others. Generous with both her time and knowledge, I can think of no other sex positive educator I want to simultaneously seek advice from and share a cup of coffee with. Elle is often’s go-to expert for brainy sex advice and articles, she never fails to deliver.
— Sandra Bruce, Partner,

Dr. Chris Donaghue, PhD, LCSW, CST

Elle Chase’s work is so valuable as she provides an intellectual yet compassionate space for learning, being challenged, and also to find healing. The contribution Elle makes to the field of sex education is both powerful and revolutionary. I recommend her book, website, and social media to many of my patients to aid them on their journey towards self-love and transformation. Its important to immerse yourself in work like Elle’s, which encompasses a wide range of important topics- sexual health and wellness, body positivity, and general advocacy for the celebration of diversity.

Elle Chase is our go-to expert for articles about sex topics that really matter to our readers. Her deep knowledge base combined with a no-nonsense, humorous style make her approachable and completely reliable. It’s no surprise to me that she’s one our top three web traffic drivers. People know a smart, compassionate voice when they hear one.
— Paula Tiberius, Editor |
Elle knows your maiden tongue.  She knows that your inner sexual voice isn’t some cute two-note canary, but rather a primal, guttural outpouring of desire and passion.  In her new book, Curvy Girl Sex, she can help you find your voice while you move your hips.  Look for it.  Find it.  With practice it will roll off your tongue like the purr of a tigress.
— Megan Andelloux, CSE | Founder of The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health
How do you thank someone who has taken you from self-hatred to self-acceptance and love? I don’t know, but I owe a debt of gratitude to Elle Chase for all her work in the area of size positive sexuality and for her support of me and my dreams. She made me feel as if I didn’t need to shy away from my desires—that not only was it okay for me to want a sex life as a large woman, but that I should demand it. Through her work, I learned that it was okay for me to be myself as I am right now, and that I shouldn’t wait until I’m thin to achieve my goals.
— Christine Schoenwald, Writer

CYNDI darnell |

Sexologist Sex & Relationship Therapist

Elle Chase is one of the most dynamic and competent sex educators working in the US today. She's as gifted in transmitting useful information about pleasure, shame and the body as she is in making you laugh your ass off. What a glorious combination of talents.

Elle offers useful, practical skills to those seeking knowledge about pleasure, toys, accoutrements and consent for bodies often overlooked in the mainstream. Her special gift is in making people feel comfortable and validated in spaces that traditionally haven't been open to diversity in pleasure and connection.

A global expert and advocate for pleasure at any size, Elle is my go-to referral for anyone wanting to know how to smash the stigma regarding weight & body image and its effect on pleasure and intimacy.

She's also a really, really, really nice person, one of my faves. Just sayin'.

Elle Chase is an incredibly dedicated and gifted presenter, writer, and educator. Believing that everyone is entitled to a safe, hot, healthy sex life she has made it her life’s work to provide workshops and lectures where sex-positive adults can exchange ideas openly, free of judgement. If the opportunity presents itself I highly recommend gifting yourself the experience of attending one of Elle insightful talks. In the meantime, do yourself a favor and check out her many different offerings (and follow her on Tumblr-NSFW if you dare!).
— Jaeleen Bennis, Creator and Founder | Bondassage
Elle is an absolute delight to work with, and she writes and speaks on important sexuality issues with a unique voice. I would recommend her to anyone looking to broaden their knowledge of oft-overlooked sexualities. Her work surrounding body image and sexuality is especially close to my heart, and people of all shapes and sizes will benefit from it.
— Eva Gantz, Marketing, and Publicity | Cleis Press
Elle Chase writes and teaches about sex in a way that’s as fun and humorous as it is inclusive and compassionate. She is knowledgeable, engaging and, above all, passionate about teaching sexuality. I highly recommend her!
— Tara Struyk, Editor |
I had the pleasure of working with Elle Chase for one of my sex ed websites, and I’d hire her again any day of the week. When she shows up Elle brings professionalism, expert knowledge and a cheerful nature. Regardless of why you might be thinking of working with Elle, do it.
— kali williams, Founder | Erotication & Passionate U

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Sarah Tomchesson, Head of Business Operations | PLEASURE CHEST STORES

Elle is a fresh voice in the world of sex ed and her unique ability to engage her audience, both in her classes and in her digital strategy, is a testament to the ways that she resonates with pleasure enthusiasts! Elle is a force on social media and she has been an invaluable ambassador of the Pleasure Chest.

Elle is a remarkable blend of warm openheartedness and sexy braininess. Provocative and judgement free, she creates a safe space for people to explore their own minds and bodies without shame and with a lot of love, knowledge, and compassion. She is a true gift to the sex-positive sex-education world and I feel very lucky to both know her, as well as know she exists as a support for the world at large.
— Melissa White, CEO | Lucky Bloke |
Elle is a warm and captivating speaker. Her enthusiasm for her subject matter shines and she brings so much fun to topics like sexual self-esteem, aging, and body image. I can’t wait to see her present again!
— kate kenfield, mph | sex educator
With candor, wit, and gentleness, Elle Chase begins with the assumption that sexuality is not exclusive to cover models — which is great, because very few of us are. Then, pairing data with real warmth, Chase works with clients to ask questions, solve riddles, and find comfort in their own skin in a supportive and fun environment.
— Gram Ponante | Journalist + Author
With her honesty, compassion and trademark wit, Elle Chase opens the door for candid conversation about sex and sensuality. She is approachable, knowledgeable and highly respected, a breath of fresh air in a world that mystifies and commodifies sexuality.
— Kristina Wright, Author | Bedded Bliss: A Couple's Guide to Lust Ever After
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Nina Hartley, RN |

Author, Nina Hartley's Guide to Total Sex

Elle Chase is her own best advertisement. Funny, wise, kind, compassionate, she is an excellent counselor and coach. She's walked the walk and now she wants to share what she's learned with clients who are ready to be happy, whole and healthy. Highly recommended!

Sex Educator, author, and public speaker, Elle Chase is a great source of knowledge for anyone who wants to improve their sex life. I’ve seen her talent for working with people, reflected in her outstanding presentation skills, as she communicates with authenticity and is relatable to her peers, students and the average person.
— Dr. Ava Cadell, Founder of Loveology University