A masturbation sleeve for everyone!

If you're like me, and want to use Masturbation May as an excuse to break down barriers in sexual taboos,  this can start with sex education that promotes healthy sexual relationships with ourselves and our partners. Research suggests that masturbation can lift your mood, boost immunity and flush toxins from your body. It can even have a positive influence on your sex life with a current (or future) partner. What’s more, it gives us a better understanding of our bodies and empowers us to take control of our own pleasure.

So, being a big supporter of masturbation AND Masturbation May, I was excited when TENGA contacted me and asked me to review one of their products. I've personally been a fan of the TENGA Egg masturbation sleeve for years, and my partner has loved the cozy, snug feeling of the TENGA Flip Hole for like, ever. While TENGA has many terrific products, I have to say, because of it's versatility, the Egg is my favorite. Since May is Masturbation Month, I thought I'd talk about the multi-purpose TENGA Egg.

How to use:

The TENGA Egg comes in a hard, plastic egg-shaped package, but the actual practical Egg is made from Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) which is a light and extremely stretchable material. The Egg is hollow with a unique texture inside and an opening on the bottom to accommodate some water-based lube (included for a smooth glide) and to make room to cover the head and the shaft of the penis. To utilize, the user's hand is wrapped around the Egg as they stretch the Egg over the penis and moves the material in a way that gives the penis the most pleasure. When the user, um, finishes - the Egg's life is over and it can be tossed in the trash.

Not just for penises:

But, the TENGA Egg isn't just for penises. I've suggested using it for vulvas as well. Turn the Egg inside out so the texture is on the outside of the egg. Then, stretch it over the head od a wand vibrator, like my favorite Magic Wand Rechargeable, and then go to town! The texture, plus the squishy TPE, plus the intense vibration are an experience to remember!

In the same vein, covering a powerful bullet vibe, like the WeVibe Tango, with the TENGA Egg can not only give your clit another enjoyable texture to experience, but it can also take away some of the intensity of that vibe if you happen to like your vibration on the lighter side. If you'd like the Egg sensation without vibration, the Egg can stretch over dildos, made of any material and is especially delightful over glass, metal, ceramic or wood dildos for that dual-density feel.

But, perhaps my favorite way to use the TENGA Egg is just covering my fingers/hand for manual stimulation. The cushiony softness, with the smooth side or the textured side, gives me the feeling of yielding, pliable skin - an altogether different feeling from my fingers alone. The material feels like decadent luxury on my vulva, especially when used with lube.

A few things to note:

The TENGA Egg comes in 12 texture variations (plus one special addition "Lovers" Egg).  Six are "regular strength" and six are "strong sensations." You can see which texture it is inside, by the design on the outside of the Egg packaging.

With a starting length of 5cm and a starting width of 4.5cm the TENGA Egg may seem small, but the TPE can stretch. Boy, can it stretch! In fact, the flexibility of the TENGA Egg can accommodate most penises ... and more.

This is a one-time use, disposable masturbation sleeve. TPE is porous and therefore can trap bodily fluids of any kind within its spongy makeup. So, use it once and throw it away.



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