At first glance, the Barney-purple, handheld Zumio X Body-Safe Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator with the antennae-like extended tip might remind you of an electric toothbrush without the head. But, this slender vibe is not for your teeth.

Frustrated with larger vibes that were meant mainly for clitoral stimulation, this vibrator was designed (apparently for a busy mom with a minute to herself) with pinpoint precision and control in mind. Though you might think the Zumio was perfect for direct stimulation of the clit, you’d be partly right. The female inventors wanted a defined toy that would also stimulate the whole vulva area, should one choose. In their product description, there are illustrations of how the Zumio can be used to encourage stimulation from the inner and outer labia as well.


For those that love intense stimulation of their vulva and their clit, the Zumio will thrill and satisfy. Think of an ultra-strong clitoral bullet (like the WeVibe Tango) but with a handle and a  small rounded tip to pinpoint specifically where you want the vibration to go … that’s the Zumio. For me, I like intense stimulation for a quick orgasm and the Zumio did the trick. The smallish size and light weight is great for dipping down the panties for a quickie and it’s relatively on the quiet side of a small rechargeable vibe.

I also liked the fact that the Zumio has a “lock” setting for travel so it doesn’t go off in your carry-on at an inopportune moment.



Though the company boasts a “circular fingertip motion” from the tip, the rotations are so fast that it really just feels like an intense vibration. I would’ve liked it better if it came with a slow setting that actually rotated (like a tongue). Also, the tip of the Zumio is hard and small. It could be made slightly bigger and softer to accommodate people who might not like the direct precision of the tip. The Zumio has 8 intensity settings that don’t differentiate that much. I would’ve liked to have had more choices for less powerful settings. A super slow setting would add a more sensual use so the Zumio could also be used for slow arousal.



The Zumio is not a toy for people with sensitive clits or vulvas. Personally, I really like the Zumio, but even with my clit of steel, I felt like it could make me jump from the intensity with one wrong slip of the hand. The Zumio is great for people who like a really strong vibration and for people who like to climax fast and hard. Seriously, the precision tip plus the magnitude of its power equals a super intense ride.  



  • Material - ABS plastic, medical-grade silicone and engineering grade thermoplastic.

  • Power - Rechargeable battery with cradle - 16 hours from low battery to full charge

  • Usage time on full charge - About 4 hours depending upon usage patterns

  • Settings - 8 intensity settings

  • Lockable power button

  • No patterns

  • Waterproof to ip67 - 1.7 feet (0.5 meters)

  • Zumio approx weight - 0.16 lbs. (74.8 grams)

  • Dimensions - Length: 6.9in. (176.4mm) Max diameter: 1.24 in (31.6cm)

  • Average service life: 2 years - may vary depending on usage patterns

  • Warranty - 1 year limited to any defects in material or workmanship under normal use

  • Lubricant friendly - Zumio can ONLY be used with water-based lubricants

  • External use only

  • This toy was given to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review

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