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  • Sexual Communication for Great Sex

  • Satisfying Sex without Penetration

  • Sex Ed for Dummies: Learn What You Thought You Already Knew

  • Sensual Massage for Deeper Intimacy

  • Mutual Masturbation

  • Happy as a Clam: Vulva and Vagina Health

  • Smut For Smarties: Using Porn and Erotica to Enhance Your Sex Life

  • Sex in an Empty Nest: Rebuilding Intimacy with Your Partner After 40

  • Sex and Dating After the Empty Nest

  • Your Sex Life on Pause ... Menopause That Is

  • Online Dating with Dignity

  • Being Sex Positive: What it Means and How It Affects Your Life and the World

  • Sex Ed for Straight Men

  • Erogenous Zones: The Portals of Pleasure

  • Hot Monogamy

  • Safer Sex: Lube, Condoms and Dental Dams for Casual Daters

  • Am I Normal? Dispelling Common Sexual Health & Pleasure Myths

  • Enthusiastic Consent

  • The New Sexual Self: Curating Your Own Sexual Journey

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