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Whatever is holding you back from enjoying an ecstatic and pleasure-filled sex life, sex coaching can not only help, but it can be the first or final step in a journey to know oneself more intimately and more authentically.



•  feel like you and your partner just need a little guidance
•  have an 'empty nest' and are looking to reawaken or redefine your sex drive
•  want to create more intimacy in your relationship
•  want to start to fully explore buried interests
•  find it challenging to achieve orgasm or arousal
•  are experiencing genital shame
•  feel like body image issues are holding you back from experiencing pleasure
•  want to get back in touch with your sexual self
•  need a solution based advocate for your sexual pleasure
•  have shame about sex or sexual pleasure
•  want guidance with self-pleasure
•  need support and direction exploring a kink or fetish



As a body-positive, sex educator and coach, I am committed to empowering men and women, to seek and untether their natural sensual desire, without shame.

Our personal sensuality can imbue us with confidence, show us a different way to view and interact with the world and of course, add a richer level to sex and seduction. Because the importance of sensuality is often ignored by society -  our parents, partners, educators, friends and most often the media - we float through life without paying much attention to who we are sexual. Valuing, engaging and integrating sensuality allows people to blossom, expand and gain a fresh and transformed sense of sexuality. Oftentimes, this work inspires or incorporates a new found understanding of one's own attractiveness, desirability, self-worth and a deeper meaning of what it is to be who they are.

I can speak to all of this because I felt no sense of my own sensuality and sexuality for 40 years. I felt starved, anxious, joyless, broken and sexually stunted. By discovering, and then listening to what had existed inside me all along ... my personal sensuality, I was able to learn how to cultivate, nurture, control and express it authentically and without apologies. As a result, I live my life more fully and with clearer intent.

Let me help you find this important and rich quality within so that you can infuse your sex life and your everyday life with the more well-rounded, grounded, confident and empowered person you were born to be.

All sessions are 60 minutes and take place remotely via the internet.